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    Before upgrading from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1, I had great reception, and the phone stayed in EVDO most of the time. Now, it's as if my phone has violent fits of lost signal, and 1X. Sometimes during the day, my signal will drop for about a minute, then come back for a minute, and cycle like that for hours. If I toggle Airplane Mode, it fixes it for about 5 minutes. Rebooting the phone has no effect.

    I have upgraded Network Settings, as well as PRL. When I originally upgraded to 1.3.1, I WebOS-Doctored to scratch, then did the OTA. I had this issue, so I doctored again, everything was just fine in 1.2.1, and then after updating OTA again, I had issues within a few hours.

    I doctored again yesterday, and again, 1.2.1 had no issues with signal, then I tried the 1.3.1 OTA using WIFI, and I am getting similar results.

    Some towers seem to work fine, but MOST, like my home, and work, and at a friend's house yesterday, where I have 5 bars of strong EVDO, just cycle randomly--continuously.

    I am not sure what to do, since I cannot really go back to 1.2.1, since the PalmDatabase.db3 from 1.3.1 IS NOT COMPATIBLE with 1.2.1. I tried copying it over, and NOTHING shows up. I would have to load a backup from Saturday, and lose all the texts, calls, etc, since then--and that's no bueno. I have a lot of important conversations via text, especially for work.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as what to do? I'm deathly-afraid of going to Sprint and getting a swap. I would likely end up with a refurb, or one that had bad hardware. This one is pretty much flawless.

    FYI, I have no patches installed. I always WebOS Doctor before upgrades, as well.
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    Try the latest WebOs Dr. is out and maybe by skipping the OTA it may help your results. Also I noticed that when updating to 1.3.1 it kicks the PRL back to 60654, but if you select update PRL it will put it back to 60657. I know the PRL is not the most beneficial towards reception, but if you are in an area of "Bad Reception" I would imagine the PRL will help somewhat since it stands for Preferred Roaming List. It may allow you to jump on a tower which will give you a slightly better reception.

    Other than that Not sure you can do anything else.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks, I did not know the lastest doctor was out. I will try that today. What's interesting to me is I am using the phone in the same areas that I've always had full EVDO signal.

    Perhaps the 1.3.1 doctor will overwrite some bad PRL or something.
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    Whoa, webos doctor 1.3.1 is MUCH different than 1.2.1.

    When the phone came up, it provided a list of all my sync'd accounts in one page, and asked me to add the pw for each, and kept a consolidated list. Interesting! I hope this fixes it.
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    My signal at home is better after 1.3.1. I'm getting 4-5 bars now, where I used to get 3-4.
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    So FAR, so good--I used WebOS Doctor with 1.3.1, instead of relying on the update.

    I probably WebOS-doctored to 1.2.1 -> OTA 1.3.1 about 5 times, and I had the same results each time. I am very curious what it could have been.

    I have not upgraded my network settings or PRL yet, however.

    I'm surprised that 1.3.1 would downgrade the PRL though--on my WM phones, the PRL was independent of the OS.
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    OTA can sometimes get damaged/corrupt due to the size of the update. Also, its usually best to start w/ fresh installs vs layering different OS versions on top of older versions. As far as the PRL it was probably built in when 1.3.1 was being created/adjusted/modified.

    Let us know how things turn out
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    Interesting. I am noticing the exact same thing. I have never had such bad issues with it always going to 1x. Now it seems like it does that all the time in the same locations where it never did it before.
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    Yea, I dropped 3 calls last night in about 10 minutes while sitting next to a window. Can't do it anymore. Dying for June.
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    Well GOOD NEWS! So far, my phone has worked *FLAWLESSLY* with the 1.3.1 WebOS Doctor.

    It's fast, I keep my EVDO most of the time... I don't lose my complete signal every other minute either!

    So, four unique attempts from a fresh 1.2.1 -> OTA 1.3.1 (on varying towers, and even WIFI,) failed, but WebOS Doctor 1.3.1 worked on the first try.

    This is with PRL 60654.

    edit: I may have spoken too soon... I lost signal a few times today in my office... but I'd swear it was working fine. I literally just installed a bunch of tweaks/patches through QuickInstall--so perhaps there is a correlation. Guess I'll see how that pans out.
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    It honestly does not appear to be losing signal very much.

    It seems a tad more sensitive to losing 3G though.
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