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    I have a German GSM O2 Pre. I am usin it in Norway, with a Telenor sim card.

    I used MetaOSdoctor to bypass the activation on 3G, and then activated it and got an account with PALM, via WIFI.

    I then rooted the Pre, exported the CarrierSettingsDatabase, and modified it, to include the term Telenor one place in the database, and then imported the database into my Pre again.

    I have since had a fully 3G functional GSM Pre: Voice, Edge, 3G, SMS and MMS (txt with images).

    But what happens when it gets updated with 1.131. Some Questions:
    1. Will I then loose the ability to uses Edge and 3g again? , eg:
    2. Are the CarrierSettingsdatabase then updated to include more operators settings?, or:
    3. Are the Pre updated in such a way, so that we can set the operator settings ourself?
    4. Or, God forbid: Will I loose the modified settings, and will have to bypass the Activation one more time?

    Anyone, please?

    Kind regards,
    Anders H.
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    Hopefully one will be allowed to edit directly on the Pre, the carrier settings (APN etc)
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    Agreed - but even better: The CarrierSettingsDatabase is fully updated...

    Who knows the answers here?

    Anders H.
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    Apparently you can edit the settings as of 1.3.1:

    So, even when the update overwrites your database again with non working values, you can then change them back again without the need of rooting and exporting the DB.

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