I've had my pre since launch date. When I received it, it updated itself to 1.1.3, all fine.

I copied my photos from my old HTC, into the DCIM folder, and some other folders onto the internal drive. Everything was fine.

However, I tried the sprint 1.2.1 webos, backed everything up, installed with no issues, copied my folder structure back onto the pre and most of the photos would not display. SO I went back to 1.1.3, and the same, no photos (or hardly any!)

I got round this by creating new folders, copying the photos in and all was fine again. Most odd.

Yesterday I completely wrecekd the pre, so doctored it back to 1.1.3, backing up first. Copied the same folder structure back, now I only see 42 of the 405 photos...even the ones taken on the pre do not appear.

Before I create new folders again - does any one know whats up? Seems most odd to me.