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    Right when I was about to be satisfied with the lack of usefulness of the pre calendar app, I decided to try google mobile calendar. All I have to say is wow, what a difference it makes on the pre.

    First let me describe my previous way of creating new calendar entries. I would use quick entry (excellent homebrew app) to enter a new event. If necessary I would then use google calendar via desktop web browser to reschedule existing events since the pre calendar only has the spinning numbers option without days of the week view (which i dont like). At the beginning of my day I would use agenda (homebrew app) to see upcoming events.

    Now to my current way of calendar entry. First I downloaded googyOS (homebrew) and put it as one of my 4 shortcuts. For those that arent aware googyos provides a quick shortcut to all google mobile apps. I tap calendar and it brings up (via web) an agenda view of upcoming events in my google calendar. And what do you know there is a quick add option. No more homebrew agenda and quick entry apps. Unfortunately there isn't an option to go directly into google calendar from there (i think). But since I im in the web browser I select my google calendar bookmark. The google calendar (already sync'd to pre) starts off in day view. However you can easily switch to month view. Entering text is easy and very fast. The biggest perk is when changing an existing event the month view is displayed with the days of the week. You can easily jump to other months. Unlike the pre where your left guessing because of the scrolling dates. The odd thing is google mobile is a lot faster than the pre's calendar especially when editing.

    If you are disappointed with not being able to edit fully with the pre calendar I would suggest trying google mobile calendar.

    On a side note: In google calendar mobile there is a drop down menu for other google apps. I use checkbook (homebrew) and you are able to backup files to google spreadsheets which are easily accessible / ability to edit) via google calendar. If there was a way to edit google docs on a the pre there wouldnt be a need for docs2go.
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    Forgot to add that it still seems weird that I have to use a third party calendar on the pre. I dont think Palm put a high priority on the calendar app.

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