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    has anyone figured out how to get more applications into the phone??? im so tired of "not enough memory", i dont even have alot of applications installed. its freakin ridiculous!!! why should i have to hack into my phone just to install more applications. if anyone figured this one out... please let me know or else i have to jump ship.
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    THe app limitaiton due to finite and small /var partition in webos is egregious and annoying I agree. Most likely and hopefully Palm will finally remove this restriction when the app catalog is officially out of beta. In the mean time, how are you installing apps on your Pre? Are you only installing from the official App catalog? Have you tried using any of the homebrew installers like webos quickinstall and Preware? These will allow you to install a lot more homebrew apps than the official app catalog at this time. Also, you should checkout this thread to clear up more space to install from the official app catalog as well:
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    i was using preware and filecoaster but ended up deleting them both because i wasnt able to download anymore application with either one of them along with the application catalog. i used them more the patches. i'd hate to reinstall preware again just to fix a problem PALM needs to take care of. i guess i'll wait until the application catalog comes out of beta to see if they do take off that restriction. thanks for your help. it was driving me crazy.

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