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    The speakers on my phone do not work unless I am using speaker phone. I can be heard or hear anything from someone else's phone unless i switch to speaker. The interactive test says everything is in working condition. I used webosdocter and still nothing. Is this something that should be under warranty? I have only had it for 3 weeks or took great care of it.
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    Happened to me due to using the headphones, took it to the store and they replaced it on the spot. This was an issue, not sure the fix. Heard in the forums that the Pre thinks the headphones are still in. Not sure if this is what is happening to you, but thats what happened to me.
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    Please see this for help:

    I used a small cotton-tipped swab (similar to a q-tip) to clean the 3.5mm audio jack and that fixed the problem for me.
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