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    when I go to dowload an app it says I dovt have enough storage I delete enough apps and it still says then I deleted all my apps and the app catalog still says it.....what gives???? Any one else having this problem????
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    Do you have any homebrew installed? Also if you have alot of email account setup to download months of data, that may also be occupying app storage space in the /var partition which is where apps are stored. I would recommend temporarily removing your email accounts to see if that will allow you to download apps. If not, then try downloading Preware installer and also mvapp which will help with insufficient memory problem:
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    I did have homebrew apps on my phone but now I don't have any apps on my phone and its still saying that I don't have enough room.....and I have 1 e-mail account tied to my phone....and after I read the e-mail I swipe to delete them.

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