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    My battery life has dramtically dropped since the update....with and without Yahoo accounts. I really dont mean to wine and moan but this is really bad. I hope this isnt happening to many of you out there because this "bug" ...or whatever the problem may detrimental. All I can do is hope this is addressed. Rant over
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    Extended batteries. Precentral, Prethinking, Amazon, Ebay, Sieidio's website. They all have them. It is worth it not to have to worry anymore. The Pre comes with a weak battery plain and simple.
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    I have the Seidio 2600 mA battery, and I also have seen reduced battery life since 1.3.1. Is there a known cause? {Jonathan}
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    i have not noticed significant differences after 1.3.1. did you guys add a yahoo email account and set it retrieving emails at a slower pace?
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    I don't think this was a general Pre poor battery complaint, it sounded like it was ok until 1.3.1 update & NOW after update it is poor! I totally agree! i am finding to be @ around 10% after 10 hours when before i was @ around 30%, same usage, no added accts! Why should i have to buy an extended battery due to an update?
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    Same here; no yahoo account, sitting on my couch all morning doing extremely light work (occasionally swipe away a notification) and the battery is dead by 4. This is way, way, way worse than before the update, when the batter with that light of us would last twice that long.
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    Sorry to hear about your battery woes. Mine seems to have improved after the update. I used to have to top it off during work. I haven't been doing that the last couple of days. I only started noticing it about 4 days after the update. Maybe it takes time?
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    cause an extended battery will give you more battery life....hence a fix to ur problem.

    is it the update? Maybe is it not also a possibility. But for few to experience this problem is nothin close to an epidemic. Maybe it is yahoo I'm and emails. I have yet to see someone reply back sayin they have low battery wit no yahoo at all.
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    I'm also having issues after the upgrade to 1.3.1. Since the upgrade, my battery life has gone down to about 4 hours per charge.
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    I also have this problem with significant battery issues since the update. Now by 3-4pm (about 10 hours) my battery is dead. I have changed my email settings to fetch email once a day and no help. Does anyone know how to fix this!?

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    I also experienced the low battery phenomenon today, since the 1.3.1 upgrade. I used my Pre as I normally do while at work. I listen to mp3 files all day via stereo bluetooth headset while the Pre is plugged into a wall socket. Usually stays 100%. Sometimes I listen to Pandora. Still 100% battery. I have no Yahoo! on my phone and my email is set to fetch every 6 hrs.

    Today, after using it continually for four hours - no battery change... UNTIL I happen to noticed it suddenly dropped to 11% while STILL plugged to wall socket.

    I watched, as the percentage rapidly kept getting smaller to 9%. Eventually I powered down for about 10 minutes then powered back up, just to see what would happen. I gained 4% on battery. So I put my Pre into "Airplane Mode". That seemed to work a little but not as well as I hoped. Only went up to about 20% as I can recall.

    During my commute back home (about 1h 15m drive) I usually plug to my cigarette lighter. By the time I got home my Pre was around 95%.

    Later, I had a meeting which lasted 2hrs+. My Pre had been WITHOUT external power all that time, with No significant power drainage. As I sit here typing, my Pre has been tethered to my PC. It's at 100%.

    My guess is the power drain was from my Pre trying to connect to service.?? HOWEVER, that has Never happened before; same circumstances, same location, same usage.
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    I've had several issues with the batteries, before the update and now it's worse. On my phone, it'll drain something like 1%/minute (you read that right) when searching for a data signal, and the phone heat up. since the update, it's been dropping data/phone signals like crazy, even though I'm in the same spot. I can't make it more than a couple hours (literally) without recharging. I have the data toggle on my quick launch, and toggle off the data. That drops the drain to a reasonable rate.
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    Battery has definitely been worse. Today, after installing a random patch, I just kept the phone connected to my laptop, and I know the laptop usb is not the quickest way to charge your phone, but it hung from 97% to 99% for an ungodly amount of time before finally getting to 100. Sort of strange.
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    My battery life improved dramatically after a previous update. I don't know which one exactly since I had already trained myself to have the phone on the charger any chance I got, so it had been a while since I'd left it off long enough to notice the change in battery life.

    And I've noticed no back-sliding since the 1.3.1 update. Took my phone off the charger 14 hours ago, my battery is currently at 68%. Not heavy usage today, but I used the phone, including web browsing, app downloads, bluetooth, gps, etc. All of which is a major coup over my first month of ownership where I couldn't even get through a work day with it sitting idle.
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    My battery usage was wacky for a couple days after the 1.3.1 update
    (as it is after every update). Beyond that, Yahoo Contacts, Calendar
    and email (automatically set up as push profile after I added Y!IM synergy) all
    sucked the battery down fast. Once I eliminated all of those and waited
    through a few full charge/discharge cycles my battery usage has returned to
    same as 1.2.1 levels. Been watching it with Battery Monitor the whole time
    and I'm now running 2%/hr on pure standby (see attached) and 3-4%/hr
    with light to moderate usage. Streaming apps still pull it down at
    15-25%/hr (120-300mAh while streaming). The battery suck while
    Pandora (or other streaming apps) is paused bug is now fixed in 1.3.1.

    I normally run GPS off, 2 email accounts polling every 30 minutes
    and screen brightness down around 25%.

    BTW, it's normal for it to be very slow to get from 95-100% when charging,
    especially via USB. Lipo batteries can't be charged at peak current
    when they're near peak voltage.

    For those who are seeing extremely high current drain all the time,
    try turning off data and see if it gets better.
    If it does, then it's gotta be some app trying to access the network
    all the time. Look to make sure email account profiles haven't
    switched to push ("as emails arrive"). Check your messaging
    profiles and see if there are any active IM accounts. Try going
    offline, if you're not already.

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    Some of these other posts reminded me that I've only seen the error message about my phone being unable to find a cell data connection since upgrading to 1.3.1. Had never seen that before. Wondering if either there's a new background online process running all the time, or whether there was a change to the network connection software itself. {Jonathan}
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    My battery life with 1.3.1 gets me through the work day 6:30am to 3. I'm a land surveyor so I'm using GPS at least 30min to an hour a day. I'll send and receive 15 to 30 texts and make 2 calls 3 to 5 Min's a piece. Check the weather and take 5 - 10 pics within that time frame. When I get home I'll have %40-60 left in battery. Perfect for me and I believe thats reasonable battery life. I due plain on getting a slim extended battery to help out just a lil bit but overall the pre works for me.
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    just my 2 cents...

    i had installed switcharoo a few webos updates back... following one of them, switcharoo was no longer looking at a valid directory for swapping images... Until I corrected this I noticed a DRAMATIC drop in battery performance... Correcting the directory in the APP immediately fixed this

    If I were you I'd get rid of any homebrew apps that work with the system, soft reset and then reinstall them... could be memory leak or an invalid reference just chewing away at the CPU and battery
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    I am having the same battery problem since the upgrade - the only thing at this time that makes the battery stop draining is turning off the wifi. with my wifi on, and no use of the phone what so ever, it dies dead within 4 hours - I dont have any yahoo anything, which some believed was the cause of their battery drain ..
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    Pixielee, you have something running in the background. Don't know what it is, how long since you rebooted (Option/Sym/R is fine for a reboot).

    Everyone else: Not seen any difference with 1.3.1. Yesterday, I had to rebuild a PC at a client, used the Pre pretty extensively waiting for Windoze to reinstall to browse the net (read: screw around). Listened to the music player from home -> there. There to client #2. (30 miles from my home to client #2 -- Client #1 is directly in the middle). Music player all the way home. About an hour of phone (maybe a bit more), 3 hours of browsing (wifi), hour and a half of music. Numerous text messages, a ton of turn-on's to get a BOFH excuse. When I finally charged it at 10:30 it was at 10% (I was letting it run WAY down, to let the timer reset (new phone)).

    So maybe this horribad battery life y'all are getting is because your battery timers are crap. Try running your phone battery to 8-10%. Then see how your batt life is. Oh, and reboot every couple of days.
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