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    Someone stated above that the ipod is a terrible pre. It's also a terrible Sansa (unless you rockbox it, I guess, but that's something you can't do with a touch anyway.)

    I don't like sweating all over, dropping, scraping, scratching, and keeping my pre exposed while camping, or at the gym. It's too big for those things too. So a better solution is to get yourself a Sansa E200, add another 8GB disk to it, and put rockbox on it. Bonus, I can have different configs for each type of speaker I connect to and quickly load it up.

    Specialized devices do this so much better, and they are cheap enough that you don't mind breaking or losing them.

    My $.02
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Depends on your criteria for what makes a good media player. Video and sound quality on the Pre are top notch in my opinion, and this is much more important to me than battery life. The only time battery life really matters to me for media is when I'm on an airplane, but of course then I can use airplane mode and really do quite well on battery.
    I need my phone in my car to listen to music since the radio is horrible around me, airplane mode is no good. I used to have an ipod touch and quality was great and battery life was amazing. The pre is a phone so I don't expect it to be nearly as good in terms of battery life because it has a lot of things happening but the amount it goes down by is just too much. Also, the quality is not the same, it is good but definitely not as good as my touch was. I need to double check the quality again though, having both items in side by side would be the best way to compare the two of them and I haven't done that in awhile. I just feel as though I need to adjust a lot of my car setting in order for the music to sound decent on the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Is the wifes iPhone a 3Gs? Those things can be very power hungry. 600mhz on the Cortex A8 type CPU's is a pretty major drain. I can't even get 20+ hours on my Zune at the volume I listen to it at. Was the iPhone plugged into headphones, or a car adapter? That could make all the difference, don't need to run the volume that high to get decent sound on the car stereo.
    Like s219 stated, the 3GS gets between 20 - 30 hrs of iPod audio playback.

    I was amazed the first time I used it and functioned 2 days at work (about 16 hrs of constant play) with about 50% charge left over. Apple really has done a nice job of working the hardware to a point where it sips battery juice. This is what I and several others observe while using them as iPods. And yes, the GS is better than previous models.

    I usually go two - three days of light to moderate usage between changes (with everything enabled).
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    Yeah, but once your battery dies of old age.. and it will, you may as well throw the touch away. Meanwhile with the Pre, you just pay 30 bucks and get a brand new battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MerchantofDoom View Post
    sounds like user error to me. I get 6 without a problem. I follow the battery conservation methods. I currently have 1,013 songs and 2 full length movies on my Pre. I can't watch the entire Transformers 2 on one battery and I never thought I would be able to.
    how is this user error? If you get 6 hours and I get 4 hours with 25% battery to spare, the mathmakes them about even.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    Yeah, but once your battery dies of old age.. and it will, you may as well throw the touch away. Meanwhile with the Pre, you just pay 30 bucks and get a brand new battery.
    It's actually pretty easy to replace batteries in iPods an iPhones if you're even minimally handy -- I wouldn't worry about it at all. Plus, I still have my 1st gen iPhone that is 2.5 years old now, and the original battery is going strong. Apple puts really good batteries in the iPhones.
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    WebOS might be getting there but the devices have a long way to go still which is why I still hold off. For me the combo of a Treo Pro with wmwifirouter and an iPod Touch gets me going very good and suits me fine. You'd think that such a connected device would have a decent battery at least.

    I stay logged on to palringo, with Seven pushing 5 email accounts on my Treo Pro and still have 40% give or take by closing time, 10% of that I'll further expend on a 1 and half hour bus ride home tethered to iPod streaming Pandora or catching up with nytimes or rss feeds.

    I wouldn't mind the next WebOS device being thick as long as it has a bigger battery in it, at least 1800 maH worth.
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    The Music "Remix" player I think does a really nice job and also can pull the lyrics while it goes to the new song. I've been out exercising with it for a good two hours and it seemed only to go down only about 10%, this is with the data on getting email and the phone on. I believe you can probably get over 4 hours easily. You probably had the GPS running as that sucks some major battery power if you have an application running in the background which uses it.
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