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    I just realised that my pre automatically removes my existing photos. Basically, the more photos I take, the more old existing photos are replaced. Up to now, I've already lost 5 to 8 photos. What a shameful fault!

    So I'm wondering is there any way to solve this problem or this is just a rare case that unfortunately happen on me?
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    Why not upload them to your sprint photos section? I don't take or keep that many pictures on my phone.
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    Use the patch from Jason R. It's called Improved Filename Format. You should be able to find it Preware or search this forum for the ipk needed to install it onto your phone.
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    I'm a UK O2 user. O2 does not provide any photos section.
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    How many pictures do you have? Do you have a LOT of music/video/etc... files on the /media/internal partition?

    If you've filled the drive, it might be auto deleting things to make room... but otherwise I wouldn't be able to explain the picture loss. I have over 150 pics on mine, and I still have the very first one I took the day I got the phone.
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    I had this same problem. Old pictures were being written over by new pictures. I deleted all Photowall pictures (and the app) and now it's fine.

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