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    Hey, I was just wanting to start a general suggestions thread about what small things that could be done to the Pre's software to make the user experience more enjoyable. Hopefully we'll be able to submit these to Palm, and ultimately get some of them implemented. I'll try to come back and update the thread when needed. Any suggestions are welcome, and here are a few off the top of my head

    -Long press on a link to present the open in new card option

    -When tasks is launched, displays last list instead of overview

    -Add a "Preferences" Pane in launcher. Could possibly contain a slider for how many pages, as well as whether or not the launcher button appears on the home screen.

    -Add option so when a email shows up in the notification pane, you can delete it from the notification pane instead of having to go into the email app. With confirmation of course.

    -Swipe appointments to delete with confirmation
    -Option on appointment creation whether it will send a gmail notification as well as a normal alert
    -Add option to choose what view to open to - month, week or day.

    -Hold down one finger on gesture area to bring up the text selection diamond usually evoked by the orange key

    Any suggestions welcome.
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    Great idea but it is already being done. There is an entire forum for these ideas. Please post separate threads for each here:

    Many are already being developed and some are already available as patches. We know that Palm is well aware of the patches that are being developed here. Functionality of one just made it into webOS 1.3.1.

    Dozens of patches are featured in the articles There's a Patch for That (Part 1), Part 2, and Part 3 plus here is a full list of patches.

    To learn how to install patches see the article:

    Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes

    <<Thread Closed>>

    - Craig
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