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    I'm in Paris, France and never seen an other Palm PrPrPr $around$, $but$ $my$ $collegues$ $at$ $work$ $give$ $a$ $big$ $interest$ $to$ $it$ !
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    never... only my own pre :-)
    love it
    dave - switzerland
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    it's a big NO for me. but as you can imagine chances aren't that big in Italy (Milan for precision)
    BTW i can see a lot of iphones and old style phones. Italian are too traditional. only a minimal part will do the jump on the next gen phones vagon...
    Here is still a Nokia turf... sad but true.
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    Nope, with a qwerty unlocked GSM PRe in the Netherlands
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    Can confirm two encounters in Hamburg tube, and a third I'm not sure about.
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    Only one and it was at an O2 store whilst getting the touchstone. Breathe of fresh air really, too many iPhones/Blackberries out there.
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    Seen 3 in Western Ma. Three of my friends have one.
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    No, But i am in Hong Kong.

    I love my pre, although there's a slight oreo effect after a week...
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    saw my first wild pre today! It was on my morning train to east croydon. Now waiting for my connection and will be over an hour late to work because of the snow
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    in Australia, no. In China, not yet. btw, i am a homer. ....
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    a few times on the nyc subway
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    It's gonna be a cold and lonely Xmas (for my Pre)
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    I have not SEEN any in Switzerland so far, but I know that quite a few must be around
  14. anx
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    I think that where I live (south Italy...Cosenza) I'm probably the only one who even KNOW this phone...only iPhone or N97 you can see around here...

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