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    Voted yes, but I came here via "New Posts" so I didn't see that it was only for the GSM pre.
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    Only seen in Flash Forward and strangely Melinda had one for an episode of Ghost Whisperer, the week after she went back to her iPhone.

    I voted no, from Kent UK because I don't think those two count.
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    looks like in the one and only user so far in the entire country. I've sounded off in FB and Tweeter but gotten no response.

    I bought my GSM Pre in Berlin last Oct and have found that it works without any problems here in Manila.
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    Nope from london, haven't seen a single one other than mine yet. Although its getting lots of intrest at work, especially on the touchstone
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    Gloucestershire, nope, never.
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    Most of my friends are pretty slow at adopting new technology, in fact they still thought payphones were the way to go up until a few years ago and the internet was just for geeks, so smartphones are still too futuristic for them. So needless to say, im yet to see another one. One thing I did notice though was one on flash forward which was wierd considering its sponsored by blackberry!
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    Germany, Munich

    Voted yes! Already have one working mate, one friend and saw a young girl in the metro with Pre's.
    This is a good sign, because Treos in Germany were very rare in the public.

    German headquarter of O2 is in Munich.
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    No, although I know there are a few other Dutchies that have one (and visit this forum).

    I am considering buying an unlocked QWERTY btw. The german one has a few tiny gouges on the screen. No other problems whatsoever, but this "bumpy surface" annoys me to death. So if any one is interested in a German GSM Pre, with a only a few scratchy-spots on the screen, let me know what you are willing to offer
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    Quote Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
    ceskie lid ma Palm pre????? didnt know it was out there!

    yes.. we have it.. But we need to buy it in germany:-)
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    I would ay this poll is not only pointless for the uk, but pointless in general since apparently many seem to believe that seeing one on t.v. counts......loll

    I live in the u.s. and I too voted no, probably should have stated in the original post that is was for the uk only just because it was listed under a gsm thread the original question was still "have you seen a pre in the wild?"

    regardless it is still interesting to see that after 5 months on the market only 50% of users so far are reporting seeing a pre on the streets. This does not appear to speak well for pre sales numbers.
  11. cgk
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    I work in the mobile sector and I've never seen one - I'm based in the UK.
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    not yet.. but I'm loving mine, they don't know what there missing !
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    South East of England not seen one person with one. Most phones back at my office are sony ericsson or iphone's. The iphone users appear quite impressed with the pre card interface and am often asked 'whats that?' when they see the phone.

    Nice feeling, even nicer when the app store expands
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    In London, not seen another Pre around...

    Work in a Mac centric office (I'm the only PC user), filled with iphones... the 'smug' is intolerable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VasTheGreek View Post
    Nothing here....unless seeing it on "Flash Forward" counts... lol
    I'm based in Hants...

    Hey Vas, where in Hants? I am also Hampshire and have not seen anyone with a Pre (except on Flash Forward)
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_man View Post
    Voted 'No', from London.
    I spend on average just over 2 hours a day on the Tube, split across 3 different lines, where everyone has their phones out whilst commuting. I'm still to see a Pre user... [most are iPhones or Blackberrys]
    I'm also in London but my commute is on the main line. Not noticed a pre yet but I did see half a dozen peolpe in the shop with me on launch day buying one.

    I've voted 'no' because I don't think in the shop counts as in the wild even if they have been paid for.

    That said, all my iPhone owning colleagues are looking enviously at my pre so it's not all bad.
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    I haven't seen any others yet, also in London. There are quite a few people who ask me about and have never heard of it. Most of them think it is a new iphone or is running iphone software. This is worrying, as general consumers do not realise there are many smartphones, they think iphone means smartphone.
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    no, never seen in Madrid, Spain.
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    Hi all, new to this so be gentle!

    I've never seen another one while out and about.

    From Hampshire, England like a few others I've seen on here, perhaps we are the privileged!!
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    Saw another one last week in birmingham. Im from warwickshire though, none around me. It the O2 shop on launch day, i went in at 4 and they hadnt sold one yet. I may have been the first one at 11 the next day.
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