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    After the update I cannot set 'System Sounds' and 'Ringer Volume' to different levels. I still have 2 sliders in the 'Sounds & Ringtones' app, but the 'System Sounds' slider has no effect on volume - seems like the phone is setting both ringer & system sounds volumes based on where I have the 'Ringer Volume' slider set. This is pretty annoying - I want my ringer pretty loud, but prefer email notifications, etc.. to be soft so they don't bug me all day & night...

    Anyone else experiencing this? More importantly, anyone know how to fix it?

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    I've noticed this too. I have no idea how to fix this - maybe there will be a patch or app, hopefully soon? The darn thing is LOUD!

    I*think* that system sounds now just sets the sounds that you hear while moving around in the phone (camera shutter sound, sound when you throw away a card, etc.). If the ringer volume now sets the email and message volume I guess I'll have to turn down my ringer until there's a fix.

    I've also noticed that it clips my email and messaging sounds. They're Blackberry notification sounds so they're really short, but the Pre is cutting the end off of them. Would love a fix for that too.

    I wish I was technical like so many others on here. I'd love to just fix these myself, but I cant.
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    Interesting. I just noticed this too, but I love the new functionality. I like being able to turn down *both* my txt/email notification volume *and* ringer volume by using the rocker, and not having to go into the Sounds thingie. When I'm on the bus, I want both loud.. and in the office, I want both quiet. Much more convenient for me now. But, yeah, I can see why other people might want them separate.

    Maybe in the future they'll have a "link notification sounds to ringer volume" checkbox... (but I bet the homebrewers will beat Palm to it.)

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