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    The actual battery percent never goes above 96% while the reported is showing 100%.

    Is there a reason for this?

    Battery monitor confirms this, and when running the interactive power test in device info.
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    LOL so the horrible pre battery appears to have more juice then it really does at any given point.

    On a serious note I had the same question myself. I have been running a patch on my pre which shows actual percentage. I did however managed to charge up my pre to 100% actual charge level couple of times, but usually it stays at 96%-98% coming off the charger.
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    It's part of the function of the battery to prevent over-charging and damage.
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    I'm pretty sure that's not true. Battery % is shown by calculating actual mah count(battery capacity) against the one built in to the battery with a certain refresh rate. Stock pre battery has 1150 mah. Iphone got 1300 or 1400 mah.

    The technology used it today's batteries never charges the unit to actual 100, it always varies anywhere from several percent to .01 of a percent or so. As I mentioned in my previous reply couple of times I had 100% actual percentage, but rarely.

    Reported battery percentage lies on purpose so regular users don't wig out and think their phone got battery issues.
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    Interesting! Thanks for the info, I was curious about this too. (I have that patch on too.)
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    I've noticed this too.. though my phone hits 100% if I leave it sit on the stone long enough. Generally though the highest it gets is 99% with the patch installed.

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