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    When answering a call, I get nothing unless I use speaker phone or bluetooth (haven't tried earpiece yet). Those work fine, but just holding the phone to my hear, I get no response, and the screen stays on instead of turning black like it should. In fact, the screen is unresponsive when in regular mode.

    I had several patches that I removed one at a time before updating to 1.3.1, but didn't remove Homebrew apps. I then put the patches back on...

    Any ideas for me?

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    See if this helps solve your problem:

    Palm Support : Can't hear audio through Treo smartphone's speaker or headset

    FYI, I used a small cotton tipped swab (similar to Q-tip) to clean out the 3.5mm audio jack and that fixed the problem for me.
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    Hw issue, this has nothing to do with 1.3.1. This issue has been around since launch day. Search the forums for it, lots of temp workarounds but eventually, you'll have to take your Pre back to Sprint and get another Pre as this issue will continue to randomly appear on your Pre.
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