Hi there,

Im using Exchange with different mobiles and Outlook 2007.

I recognized, that not all contact details are synced with the Pre (1.3.1). For example, some contacts have more then 3 numbers, so I saved them in Outlook as "other". My G1 and the E71 having no problems and I see the numbers on my mobile. The Pre is ignoring the number..

Entered the number in the Pre itself and saved it as "other". The number is now synced, but in the note field of the contact:

--- Palm data (do not modify) ---

So, this number is also visible on the other mobiles I can see the number, but unable to select it, because there are in the notes field.

Also I tried to save the number on the Pre as "mobile", while there is a "mobile" number existing. Clicked on done and the entry disappeared and was not saved, without any warning.

Has someone else similar problems?