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    So I was one of many who lost over 150 contacts, over 75 calendar appointments, over 100 memo's and what not, which i am so deeply saddened by and almost ready to play hockey with my puck shaped pre.

    I was entering some things into calendar, and just happened to notice on the top right, you see PALM, but when you click on it, no other option but to save to PALM profile....AHHHH!!!

    So that's why i lost all my calendar inputs, what gives!!! Is there a way around that bad son of a b method? I stopped at the 1st entry, man I have over 100 entried to put in here, but I'm not gonna input them all into this profile to end up loosing all these entries...

    Any advice on this?
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    I tripped over this thread, any one have any advice??!!!
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    If you have no "cloud" profile (Google, or EAS) then entering on the Palm Profile is your only option.
    Why not just get a Google account?

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