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    If this has been asked before, please excuse a very new (and very excicted) Pre user.

    I have set up all my Google calendars and contacts on the Pre, which is all working well.

    One question though - is there a way to make the Pre just show certain Google calendars (but more than just one), i.e. can I select a range of calendars but omit some. I have 9 calendars but mainly need to check four of them so I would like to see those 4 and not the rest, but not have to go through selecting them one at once.

    I have a UK Pre on o2, so don't have the latest update just the base model ( I think !).

    Thanks for any/all help.
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    Yes. Just go to Calendar preferences and select Calendar View Options. Then select the calendars you want to display in your "All Calendars" view.
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    Yes there is a way when you go into calendar preferences you can select which calendars you want to appear when you check the all calendar view. Also you can just click the all view on the top right hand side and choose which calendar you want to view.
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    Thanks, that did it.

    User make forums - so this is a great forum as people answer quickly and fully !

    Thanks again.

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