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    So in the past few days, I have successfully upgraded to 1.3.1 and reinstalled all of my tweaks and patches via Preware. But when I compose an email and then hit the "Send" icon, the email sends but remains open even after it it sent. You can see the "Sending..." notification at the bottom and the email actually gets sent, but the email you just composed remains in the full active window with the cursor even still blinking! I have to swipe this email off the screen. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it one of the patches?
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    I did see that happen once after upgrading to 1.3.1 OTA without removing all of my patches (it ambushed me and started the update when I hooked it up to my computer to remove the tweaks). I hit it with webosdoctor today for a fresh install of 1.3.1 and have not seen that problem manifest itself again.

    What I have seen, though, is a different bug in sending email from any of my IMAP accounts (does not occur with my EAS account). I hit send and see the notification at the bottom that it is sending. Great. Then a few minutes later I get an error notification saying that it was not able to send (or something to that effect), and it tries again. And fails again. The emails appear to be stuck in the Outbox. Meanwhile, it turns out that every attempted send is actually delivering an email, and filling the recipient's Inbox. Thankfully I only mailbombed a friend and not a business associate. I sent myself a few test emails from each of my IMAP accounts (gmail, gmail for google apps, yahoo), and in a matter of minutes was staring at 80+ duplicates in my Inbox. That's a lot of swiping to delete...

    I have retyped all the passwords for the affected accounts, but that did not fix it (this had solved a similar problem after a previous webos update, I believe). I need to do some more searching here, but if anyone has a quick answer I would sure appreciate it.

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