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    Since the update to 1.3.1, when I compose an email and then send it, the email seems to send, but the composed message doesn't go away, and just hangs out in the card. It used to automatically go away. Anyone else having this problem, or have any idea how to solve it?

    I do have a number of patches installed through Preware; could that be affecting things?
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    I'm having the same issue after upgrading and reinstalling patches.
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    I just started a thread because of the same sends, but compose window stays open and active. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    I just did a test try for you and mine worked fine. Once I sent the e-mail the screen flew off like normal. Oh and I just updated 2 days ago.
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    For me this problem went away after I uninstalled an email-related patch. Can't remember the exact name, but it put icons in the email draft window to delete or change priority of the message.
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    Yes! I removed the patch to "Add Priority/Discard Buttons" and my email is back to normal. Thanks!
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    Yes here is the solution....just remove the "Add Priority/Discard Buttons" patch. This is the old version of the patch and it causes this bug. I just removed it via Preware and more lingering composition window! There is an update version of this patch that has been submitted to Preware and should be up any day now. It can be downloaded here if you just can't wait....

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