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    Well not actually a battle. However I went to best buy today to pickup star trek when I noticed a droid (which btw is a solid rugged phone). The calendar on the droid has the infamous scroll wheel too but it also had the day of week above the wheel. So when you change the number date, the day of the week visibly changes. If palm was able to add a similar function I would be internally grateful.
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    why not externally?
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    Funny you should say that. I'm on the wall about purchasing a palm phone for the wife since the contract is up (I have a pre) or have her stay the course with her centro. The only way Palm would get that purchase if they added bluetooth file transfer, ability to export all contacts via vcard, camcorder, and a month view when changing events in task and calendar. However, I doubt that would happen anytime soon so back to window shopping for other phones.
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    why not externally?
    Took me a second, but nice...
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