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    My Pre resets all the time at the slightest bump. While in my pocket, setting down on the desk, bumping it gently, or even sliding the phone shut, this phone resets It's very frustrating.
    Anyone else have this problem or know of a recall?
    I have:
    Software v. 1.3.1
    Model P100EWW
    Hardware v. A
    Configuration Sprint 2.0
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    are you using original battery?

    does a reboot help?
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    I have the original battery and have done a battery pull and obviously several resets. Is that what you mean by reboot...a battery pull?
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    This sounds like a known issue - later phone builds had a little foam piece in the battery compartment to keep the battery from moving around (which was causing the resets).

    I never had this issue so I'm just going from memory here - someone else could probably elaborate if this is covered by Palm/Sprint.

    Personally, I would just shove a piece of folded paper in there if it were happening to me.
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    yes that one way to reboot but you should tryign to make sure the battery is as tight inside the battery holder as possible if you can pull the battery out if your fingers with out using the palm tab no good
    If a loose battery is the problem(common) all you have to do fold a little piece of paper to a thickness to were the batter won't move in the battery slot and place it next to the battery pull tab
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    You have an undersized battery. Take the phone back to your local Sprint store for replacement.
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    You have the loose battery issue like others have said. Go to a Sprint store, they should replace it for you.
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    Cool! I will try the paper trick and see if that works.

    Thanks everyone!

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