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  • 1, came with the Pre

    59 50.86%
  • 2, bough one extra

    40 34.48%
  • 3, or more

    17 14.66%
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    I answered 2, but I didn't buy the extra one. I got it for free from Sprint. I exchanged Pre #4 for Pre #5 a few weeks back. Since this was my 4th replacement, they ordered a brand new Pre instead of a refurb. When the new one came in, the guy took my old phone, but let me keep everything in the old phone and the new phone box. So now I have:

    1 Pre
    1 Battery cover
    2 batteries
    2 chargers
    2 usb cables
    2 headphones
    2 soft pouches
    2 boxes

    When he did this, he said, "Merry Christmas". I think I just got lucky. But I wasn't looking that gift horse in the mouth.

    Having a spare battery is less useful than I thought it'd be. It's hard to keep the spare charged since I don't have an external charger. What I end up doing, is charging them both to full, then using one and carrying around the other one. On rare occasion when I can't get my Pre to a charger, I have the spare for an emergency, and I use it. But then I have to go through a ritual to get both back to fully charged.

    I've thought about buying one of the spare battery chargers, but I didn't like the reviews that I read on Amazon.
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    Three, a Seidio 1350 extended and two stock ones, the stock ones was from when I had to return my phone and got a brand new one in the box, had the send the old one back without the battery so I now am able to have a couple of spares when I travel.
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    I have two but I plan on getting more. One came with it and I traded in a brand new BB Curve battery for an additional one at my local Sprint store. I just bought the phone two weeks ago but I have atleast 6 extra batteries from my Mogul and Touch Pro, so i'll just take one or two more back. This battery doesn't last as long as the curve =(
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    There needs to be another poll option for:

    Sent phone in for replacement with the battery, got the refurbished phone with no battery, and then bought a Seidio replacement battery.
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    1 original palm pre battery
    2 seidio 1350mAh batteries

    I may add more 1350mAh batteries soon.
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    An original Palm Pre battery and a Seidio 1350mAh batteries.

    I use the Seidio as my daily use battery. When at my desk phone is always plugged in via USB cord. At home it is usually plugged into charger via usb cord.

    My original Pre battery stays in the charger. I only grab it when I travel or know that I will be sleeping away from home for the evening or going some place for the weekend where I use my phone a lot and will not near a charger. (ie. an extra battery for music festivals is a must have. nothing sucks more than being separated from your group and having a dead phone near the end of the night.)
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