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    Okay, I downloaded the newest Yahoo Messenger on all of my computers and there is an option where you can log out and automatically log onto you mobile phone. Well, I did that and actually started receiving Yahoo IM's on my Pre. BUT, I can't log in from my phone, no matter what I do and I can't see my buddy list or anything, I just got a couple of messages.

    I enter my info and it will actually kick me off of Messenger on whatever computer I'm logged in on, but every single time I get, "Failed Login Attempt, Try Again". I've tried 30 times, easy, and get the same thing every time. The only time I've gotten it to work was when Yahoo signed me in automatically from my computer version.


    I have never installed any patch or anything on my Pre for Messenger.
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    its a glitch in the palm backup. be sure you have all your info, contacts, ect backed up. go to the backup app and turn off the backup and agree to erase the palm profile from the server. Then do a partial erase and after you re-enter you account setting everything should connect and you can turn backups on again.

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