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    thanks to the help of some of the members here I was informed on possibly buying from amazon and i had a $2 credit on there for something a while ago. should be here friday! SUPER STOKED to have a pre again.

    and i love you guys<3
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    great deal. I was happy to get it for $150! Lol. If I didn't enjoy my Pre so much the whole time I'd be jealous. Haha. I'm happy for anybody who gets a good deal though.
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    rock on with your bad *** self!!! i wish i could open a new line and get mine for that price.

    im still thinking after the holiday season they will drop to 99 at conventional type stores. or im hoping. and hoping they will have the antenna fixed.
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    now let's hope its dead pixel free !
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    #5 has the Pre for $99 to add-on a line OR for a new line... It has the Pixi for $25 for NEW line & $30 for ADD-A-LINE!!!!
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    You should move to Canada and get 'em for $50..... you have to sign away your life though....
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    ha nice, i bought mine for 50$ and my lame ol instinct S30... =)
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    Dont forget that amazon is picking up/waiving the $36 activation fee.

    I have amazon prime and will spring the $5 for next day air. I doubt black friday will make this much cheaper.

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