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    I have been having very odd problems with my screen and inactivity. It works just fine when its plugged in and charging, but when its not plugged in, if I happen to slide the screen down to cover the keyboard at a decent speed, the touch screen becomes inactive and wont respond unless I flick the screen to reveal the keyboard up and down a few times. But If I close it as slow as possible, it works just fine...I'm willing to use webOS doctor to fix it, but...what do you guys think?

    P.S. I removed patches to see if that helped, and themes, and it still happened, so...any help would be great...

    P.S.S. It also works fine when its plugged it no matter how fast I close the screen, so I doubt its a cable or whatever problem.
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    I encountered the same problem (I think) for the first time on Sunday and it's happened once since. After unplugging the USB cable from the phone, the screen does not respond to touch.

    From my experience so far, the issue seems to have something to do with the USB port or connection. Unplugging the USB/charging cable from the phone slowly and carefully has resolved/prevented the issue for me.

    Here's some other information that may be relevant:
    - Installed WebOS 1.3.1 on Saturday 11/14 (thanks for the tip pre|central!)
    - Use the Touchstone to charge (don't normally use the USB cable)
    - Encountered the issue for the first time on Sunday 11/15 and again yesterday
    - Both times I experienced the issue, it was after disconnecting the USB cable from the phone (the only two times I've plugged it in during the past 2 or 3 weeks)
    - The screen was on/awake both times I unplugged the phone (and when I fixed it by plugging it back in and unplugging again)
    - No patches, no themes, and only just installed my first homebrew app (via WebOS Quick Install v2.9) yesterday, a day after I first encountered the problem.

    Kind of seems like a hardware issue, but perhaps it's somehow related to the WebOS update. Would love to experiment more to help determine the cause (does it happen if the screen is already off/locked what it's unplugged? Does it happen if the USB cable is plugged into the travel charger, or just a computer? Is it something completely unrelated? etc.), but as I'm already on my fourth Pre--after three lemons straight out of the box, yeah it was a long summer--I'll stick with the Touchstone for now and pretend this didn't happen.

    At least 1.3.1 fixed the bluetooth compatibility with my 2008 Accord.
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    well it maybe the battery problem some people have had as well . but not knowing when you purchased the phone i could be wrong. some of the earlier phones the battery did not fit correctly and supposedly its fixed with some of the newer models. hope this helps later!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I used webOS doctor to reinstall, it didn't I'll try to remove it from the charger slowly and see if it fixes it...I hope it will...

    This is my second Pre..and I really don't want to keep buying one every 2 months...even with insurance...

    Nope, that didn't help at all, but the weird thing is, it works whens its plugged in charging, but doesn't work when its not charging...I am thinking of going into sprint, but that will have to wait until Friday, but I cant even answer phone calls when I'm out of the house, or respond to text's and e-mails...*sigh*
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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you all know I am having the same problems too! I am on the bell network.

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    same here ..thought i was crazy my screen will not respond to touch when i put the USB cable in and then sometimes when i take it out i will i have a few patches installed so i gonna remove them to see if those are the issue (which i believe is the case) or its the update 1.3 ..

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