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    Got pre about 4 weeks back.

    Two weeks back i left the pre plugged into my computer overnight (was tethering and fell asleep).

    next day i woke up and the screen was messed up (it was as if had burned underneath or it was overheating).

    in any case, the screen fixed by itself within the next few hours but the gps stopped working. i have tried sprint navigation and google maps and the gps getting hold a signal for long.

    should i try to reflash it using webosdoctor? or take it to a sprint store because the phone overheated and gps stopped working?
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    check out this thread.

    ps: your welcome
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    The doctor just fixes software issues, sounds like it's more of a Hardware issue, expessially if you let it overheat.

    I'd back everything up and dr. it, since some sprint stores will blame homebrew for anything, and bring it in if it isn't fixed.

    Also double check the gps settings an make sure it is turned on, and try turning off your phone for a few minutes.

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