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    I put a "I like" from borat as my sound for each notifications, and its getting really annoying.

    can't seem to turn it back to just vibrate, shut off system sounds still makes the "I like"
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    What is the notification sound for?
    How did you change the sound?
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    for each text I get or too manty cards error its makes the sound I put it on.

    I believe it was through a patch
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    if you go into your text messaging app and then preferences you can select sound vibrate or silent I believe this took care of most of the notifications that I get. I believe each app that sends a notification has an option for sound or vibrate or silet....I think.
    What does this button do?

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    It also includes an option for ringtone as alert.
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    there is no vibrate option

    its either system sound, ringtone or mute

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