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    Ok so I've been trying to get Webos Quick Install to work on my Mac for a while now. I originally had it working for my old Pre (before my screen went dead). Now with my Refurbed Pre I can't get it working again.

    I deleted Webos Quick Install and all the other files associated with it (I think) including Novacom.

    Im running Mac OSX 10.5.8

    I updated my Pre to webos 1.3.1

    I put my Pre in Developers Mode and I also restarted after install Webos Quick Install.

    When I click on file > option > reinstall novacom
    nothing happens at all.

    I also can't find novacom on my computer at all which leads me to believe the reason why I can't connect is because I don't have Novacom on my computer anymore after I deleted all my files, but since the reinstall from webos quick install isnt working I don't know how else to get Novacom going.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I was loving my Pre theme and homebrew apps and then my screen went dead.

    Damn this has really put a damper on my Pre experience. Lost a lot of good pics because of that dead screen too.
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    No one can help me out with this?

    Is there anyway I can just download Novacom separately or something?
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    This sounds like my story too. I have a MAC running OSX 10.6.8 and also deleted WebOS QI but now can't seem to get the NovaCom Drivers to reinstall.

    Does anybody know of an issue with Mac and NovaCom?

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