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    I pulled my phone out of my pocket and it started the update soon as the phone rebooted, i pulled battery. Is there a way to stop this update i have 6 patches i need to remove first?
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    Well... was it downloading or was it updating? If it was updating you'll probably have to Dr. your phone now as it was in the middle of updating important files.

    If it was just downloading than there are a couple hacks you can look for to prevent the patch from being pulled (their for rooted pres, not the easy preware stuff).

    Just look for the emergency patch removal tool and get to a computer. Or you can just update, some people report an ok experience, but there is a good chance it will have problems. Or you can just let it update and plan to dr. it later.
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    no it started the install not the download. Tell me more about dr. my phone i just read some have allowed it to go through. so i am assuming i will have to allow it to finish correct then see if i can dr it?
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    So, you can just put your phone in airplane mode, or turn off data & wifi and that will stop it.

    But the Dr. will erase everything except the palm backup, which isn't much.

    You should still have time to connect to preware and just delete the patches.
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    well when i turn the phone on it goes starts trying to update so. i cant turn it off.
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    Then it looks like the doctor may be your friend! If you have no theme though it may be worth a shot to let it install then run EPR from Preware.

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    ok i installed it, everything works fine except the patches. i was able to uninstall the theme after updating. i am going to run epr and see what happens.
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    man my key board is gone n i cant get it back help please
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    that update 1.3.1 took all mt gagets off my phone
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    1.3.1 does not work with VKeyboard (yet)

    Also, you need to open up Preware and run EPR (emergency Patch Recovery)

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