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    I tend to use my Pre with the keyboard exposed, regardless if I use the keyboard or not. How about you?
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    I use a BT so I usually have the KB closed.
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    I only use the keyboard exposed if I am using it which is pretty much all the time since I text and e-mail more than I talk on the phone. LOL!
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    I open the keyboard only if I have to use it... which is quite a bit since I'm much more of a web & text guy than a talk on the phone guy.

    I never have it open when I am talking on the phone.
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    My phone has a keyboard! Why didn't somebody tell me that.
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    I open it to use it too, do you have big hands barkin?
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    I open it to use it too.
    When I first bought the phone, I talked on it while it was closed and it just felt unnatural. Then one day I saw someone on some TV show a little while back talking on it with it open and it looked, well, it looked right I guess you could say. So I tried and it instantly felt good in my hand and up to my ear. Plus my hands tend to fall on the big side, so it just worked, alot more real estate to use.

    I also think the phone looks better when open while talking, kind of gives it a unique look qith the mirror above the finish.

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