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    Since I updated to WebOS 1.3.1 on Sunday, my Pre no longer plays 3gp video attachments in emails. Every time I try to play one I get an error message telling me that no application exists that can handle the file type. Prior to upgrading to 1.3.1, these attached videos played just fine. I would click on the attachment. The file would download. Then I would tap again and the video player would launch and play the file. This is very frustrating as my wife sends me video clips of our baby girl while I'm out of town.

    Has anybody else had this problem and were you able to figure out a solution?
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    As far as I can tell I no longer can stream 3gp through orb either after the 1.3.1 update.
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    I had a bunch of videos from my Treo that used to play and no longer do. These were .3gp.
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    It told me.
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    I'm in the same boat here - 3gp files don't play after 1.3.1 update.
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    im having the same issue
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    i know some guy on these forums got 3gp natively on the pre but he converted them to a different format .3ps or something like that i would think you could possibly trick the pre by just renaming the files
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    i dont care about loading videos on the pre i care about getting a MMS that 3pg and i cant view it or fwd it
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    that what the fix was for at first to send video over mms
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    I have 3gp's that played fine prior to 1.3.1, that I had on the media partition (transfered over from my old Instinct). Now they don't play either, post 1.3.1
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    FYI, a friend sent me a 3gp video via text and it plays w/o a problem. However I'm not given the option to download it locally. Does anyone know how to do so?

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