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    Ever since I installed 1.3.1, I can't read my yahoo mail anymore! It's minuscule! I've gone to Yahoo and did the re-link to the mobile app. Still can't read it, no change. What do I do, Yahoo is my primary email but it's impossible to read, have to expand every single page and then because it doesn't resize, you have to scroll over and over and then back and over and over.

    Then each page change is back to tiny tiny again.

    Driving me crazy! Anyone else seeing this?
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    I'm not having trouble at all with it.
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    Why not set up your yahoo as an email account? There is support for that in 1.3.1
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    Oh I'm dumb. I thought that is what was being discussed.

    FYI the yahoo e-mail account on the Pre works great and pulled in all my folders (unlike the hotmail account).
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    Yes its broken.
    I tried to fix it by removing it then adding back.
    The remove did work, but the adding part is not.
    Also I realized is that the battery is draining fast after Yahoo Synergy.
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    Set the email account to only sync every hour or so, or just whenever you tell it (manual) then. Less battery consumption.

    Or get a bigger battery..

    ( pleasing some people)

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