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    A couple of days ago the USirius app stopped working. From other forums it appears that Sirius has changed the URL or the code for the streams. Could some of you smarter than me guys find out a new solution. I realize that flash will resolve this but seems like a long wait for us Stern addicts. I know that I can get the West coast stream through Shoutcast but I would prefer to have on demand through Orb or some other server all day!!!
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    Hoo Hoo, tell em Fred.
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    Hoo Hoo Robin, I invented the USirius app. Tell 'em Fred!!!!!!!

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    Didn't even know there was a webOS app that had XM or Sirius.
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    Any update on this?
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    I didn't know there was either lol
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    Yep, uXM stopped working for me just as I was starting to get used to listening to XM at work. I guess I'll cancel my XM Online subscription and wait for Flash or an official XM app.
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    I'll add a "me too" post. I used that more than software I thought I did. PS3, Pre, PSP, Directv DVRs... They need to create a more robust solution than their player. I'd even pay the extra $2.99/month.
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    So ... is there a way to listen to Howard on my Pre? I didn't think so but it sounds like there is or was.
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    So much gets past me. (lol) I'm going to start sleeping with one eye open now!!!
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    ...There are "live" east-coast streams, but you have to search during show hours. We don't need any advertisements ruining a good thing... anyone remember Napster???
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    Use XMtuner (which also appears to support Sirius) as a replacement. I now use with Orb to stream to my pre and it works well.

    XM Tuner - Stream XM Radio to your media player
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    I downloaded XMtuner as was suggested. I can login but it won't download the channel lineup. I've searched all over the web and can't get it to work. I really wish there was a way to get this to work.

    Is there anyone on here that would know why this isn't working for me? I've opened port 19081 on both my wifi router and on my firewall. Like I said before it logs me in but I can't get any further than that. I've read the "readme" file.

    I'm using a trial account for the online radio, until I can verify that it will work and then I'll sign up for the 2.99 extra a month.

    Here is what I'm seeing:
    19:45:36 Please wait... logging in
    19:45:38 Logged in as
    19:45:38 Loading channel lineup...
    19:45:38 Downloading channel lineup...
    19:45:39 Downloaded channel data had no stations. Verify your subscription is active.
    19:45:39 Login failed: Unable to retrieve channel data.

    I know the subscription is active, because I can listen when I go to
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    We must contact Ted!

    Maybe he has something at his Emporium!
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Hey Dude, I'm having the same problem. Guess we have to wait for a WebOS app. or Flash.
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    come on developers and Sirius!

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