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    Why did this happen? Did they remove some compatible playtypes? I'm trying to listen to a podcast that I do every week (GDGT) but it now wont play them. I tried two seperate programs- streaming with mediafly and downloading with Dr.Podder. Neither works.

    Mediafly displays a filename with .m4a ending.

    Did palm remove .m4a compatibility?

    Other podcasts work fine. Just not this one.
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    Same exact thing for me.However, GDGT did work with my ipod touch with itunes.
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    I can't get GDGT #063 to play on my Pre either. I DL it through Dr Podder as well.

    edit: I can get the downloaded copy of GDGT #062 to play and I can stream #063, however the download of #063 does not want to play. Have you tried deleting the podcast and downloading it again?
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    I have the same issue. Dr Podder and Mediafly just spin. I can play on itunes and touch but my pre is a pod brick. I emailed Jamie in Dr Podder support and he replyed:

    Here's what I wrote in the forum thread about 1.3.1 problems.

    Sorry I can't be more help, but if you post about it there you might get good feedback from another user.

    Kevin Kline wrote:

    Any problem w Dr Podder? Will not play after 1.3.1.

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