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  • I have updated and am happy I did

    64 73.56%
  • I have updated and wish I had not

    13 14.94%
  • I have not updated, but want/plan to

    6 6.90%
  • I have not updated and do not want/plan to

    4 4.60%
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    Please contribute to the following poll

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    I haven't updated yet. Waiting for some of the patches I use to be compatible with 1.3.1
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    Hmmm interesting results.. I may have to reconsider.

    I need to research which patches would work after, and which are still problematic and which I could live without if I had to.

    I know the 2 must haves are Virtual Keyboard and My Tether(paid version)

    Thanks for participating and showing me a clear guage to work from.
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    I followed the Quick Install proceedures before updating and haven't seen any problems yet. I have checked all the things people are having problems with and I am OK. Clearly upgrading before uninstalling mods and themes is a problem, especially on this release. I am also not seeing the battery issues, infact it seems as though I am getting better battery performance, but no facts just gut right now. I did change batteries after the upgrade. Good luck, Orlando. :-)
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    Seems faster than ever all across the board. Not a huge difference, but enough. Almost all of my 40+ patches have been ported and are working fine. No issues.

    Well, maybe the link not recognized issue. Sometimes in the browser if I click on a link it highlights like it was recognized but then goes away and nothing happens. I have to hit it twice. Not a big deal but a little annoying.

    Otherwise, great but very incremental update. I want some major speed improvements and video recording ASAP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    I know the 2 must haves are Virtual Keyboard.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by themirthfulswami View Post
    I haven't updated yet. Waiting for some of the patches I use to be compatible with 1.3.1
    Me too.

    Thanks for starting this, I've been curious myself
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    I'd like to see a brief article about this question actually. Things seem a bit chaotic with this update and a nice front page article with this poll attached could help sum things up.
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    Download took only a few minutes over WiFi and updated perfectly. I just wish they would put the clock in Landscape while on the TS.
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    The poll needs a new option: I upgraded to 1.3.1 and meh.

    The *only* issue I had was the reported issue with the prior use of the messaging plugins that resulted in breaking YIM in 1.3.1. This necessitated the use of webosdoctor on my phone for the first time, and the only lost data were contacts that came over from my previous phone. The ones I needed will be easy to recreate.

    Otherwise, I have had no problems with 1.3.1, but no real improvements either. Apparently there is also some behind the scenes stuff that went into this that may enable some other features in future releases. Many of the "new" things were previously available as patches, which ultimately has the effect of moving functionality from something I have to maintain on my phone to something palm is maintaining for me.

    I don't see any drawbacks either. Because of having to rebuild my phone I don't know yet about battery life, but my wife seemed to have reduced batter life with YIM that improved when she turned it off.

    I have noticed no real change in responsiveness.

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