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    I am questioning the community to see if anyone else is having issues with their Seidio 1350mah batteries after the 1.3.1 update?

    On Saturday I updated my phone by first using webosdoctor to wipe to 1.2.1 and then used the OTA update to update to 1.3.1. At that point I noticed that my battery would no longer charge. I attempted to use the touchstone, the AC adapter straight to the wall, and a microusb plug to a computer. All of these options yielded me the battery charging icon but after multiple hours on each charger the battery would not charge.

    At this point my only option was to switch back to the original battery and at that point I was able to charge my phone.

    Yesterday my wife decided that she would also update her phone. Her process was to first remove her theme, then run EPR to remove the tweaks, and then she did the update. Last night before bed she put the phone on her touchstone and when she woke up this morning the battery was in the red. She is also using a Seidio 1350mah battery.

    What I am asking you all is if you have issues with your non OEM batteries in your Pre after the 1.3.1 update?
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    Seidio 1350 mah battery here with no problems, and I underwent the doctoring then updating too. Actually, battery life is much improved after 1.3.1, except for some crazy drain the first day or so. Hope your improves!
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    I haven't had any issues, but I didn't do any WebOS doctor first, just removed patches and upgraded. Haven't had any issue, battery life seems pretty good to with 1.3.1, at least not worse. I am using the 1350 mah batter from seidio, by the way.
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    No problems here. Using the 1350 and have about 9 patches installed. (I removed them and reinstalled after upgrading)
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    Same here, no problems at all.
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    Had a wicked drain the first day but it has gone back to normal now.
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    Bad drain the first day also, but more likely due to re-patching and such. No issue as described with the 1350 here.

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