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    Has anybody noticed a significant battery drain after adding a Microsoft Exchange email account? My battery drain was getting to be fairly awful (10-18% drain per hour on average), so I started turning things off to see if anything changed my battery life.

    I had a Google Apps/Gmail account set to receive items as they arrive, Exchange set to receive items as they arrive, and both accounts attached to Contacts and Calendar. As soon as I switched Exchange to "Manual" for checks, my battery now only drains at around 3-5%/hour.

    As soon as I open up my Exchange email to get new mail (or set Exchange to 5 minute, 10 minute, 60 minute, or even 24 hours between mail updates), battery drain jumps back to over 15%/hour.

    Any thoughts on this issue? I may try doctoring my Pre back to factory defaults & restoring it just to make sure it's not a conflict with a patch or something, but the battery drain still happened after I ran an EPR w/a system reboot.
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    I was thinking about this also. I'm not sure why Exchange would suck power more then Google but if anyone has a suggestion on settings that would optimize battery usage while having an exchange account I would be open to hearing about it. As it is now I have my touchstone at home, a cable in my car and one at work.
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    I have an exchange account with no battery issues. I suggest doctoring the phone.
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    After having some google app syncing issues I switched to exchange this morning at 7am. It is now 10 am and I am at 97%. I set it to get mail as it arrives, I deleted my google calendar and contacts and I am using just exchange. I have only received 2 emails. Wifi is on. So far my battery life is much, much better.
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    i too have exchange and i have no battery issues i have them sync as they come in. So it's constantly checking. I wonder if maybe your signal coverage is weak while exchange is trying to sync.

    i can go all day without charging my phone until i get home but by then i still have like 50% battery life..

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    Quote Originally Posted by buchkoba00 View Post
    I have an exchange account with no battery issues. I suggest doctoring the phone.
    For those of us new to the Pre .... Can you elaborate? What needs to be doctored?
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    he means plug the phone to your pc and use Webosdoctor. This will erase everything on your phone and set it back to default. It will require you to log back into your palm account and you may lose some contacts and text messages. I think pictures too.

    i doctored my phone before 1.3.5 update came out maybe that's why the battery life is so good.

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    pictures/ringtones/apps/patches are stored on the USB drive.. so they wouldn't be effected correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    pictures/ringtones/apps/patches are stored on the USB drive.. so they wouldn't be effected correct?
    you asking me? If so, then yes, the webdoctoros will erase everything and reinstall factory settings and files.

    you should back up pictures and ringtones. When it's done doctoring it will ask you to log back into your phone and it will push back down the apps and contacts.

    You will lose preware and any patches you have installed on your phone. as well as memos, music and movies if i'm correct. can't remember it's been a while. You will need to reinstall preware and patches back on your phone.

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    Gotcha, thanks. I've been a WM phone user for the past 4 adjusting to the webOS lingo.

    Is there a Webosdoctor image out there for the Verizon pre+? I thought there was only a sprint pre image which another forum said not to install on the plus.
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    i'm not sure if there is a verizon one i have a sprint pre sorry...

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    Your battery drain with exchange will vary depending on how much mail you get and how often. EAS works like this:

    1. Phone sends a request to the server
    2. Server says "you have mail, here it is"
    3. Phone says "thanks, i'm here listening if you have more for the next 15 minutes, then I'll check in again"
    4. If another message comes in the server sending it to you and your phone repeats step 3.
    5. if no message comes in then in 15 minutes it sends another request that says "hey i'm still here, send me anything you get"

    If you get messages every 30 seconds, your phone will rebuild that connection every 30 seconds. This causes radio use, and hence battery use.
    Also, if your company's firewall isn't configured to leave connections open for 15 minutes, your phone will lose it's idle connection and have to re-establish, again draining your battery.
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    This is a great explanation. Is it the same with IMAP? I've seen some suggestion that setting "as emails arrive" is a more conservative approach than a timed check. However based on your information, the 5, 10 and 15 min settings should not be used for IMAP or EAS, but if greater than 15 min is acceptable then those are good choices for battery and bandwidth saving.
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    5/10/15 minute intervals are more battery efficient if you get a lot of email and you want to get it on a regular basis. If you get 5,000 messages in a 5 minute window, it's more efficient to make one connection to download 5,000 emails then 5,000 connections.

    These issues will compound if you have lots of email addresses that are all really busy.

    Generally as items arrive is OK for light email traffic, since "hey do I have any email? no, ok" every 15 minutes isn't that big of a drain. Obviously you are going to have more radio/internet usage checking for mail at all, and having the phone not pull email from anywhere would save you the most battery.

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