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    I may be a jerk. But I can read and follow instructions. I help people who haven't read all the time but slamming a great tool because you don't know any better sounds pretty jerkish
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    Well. Whoever is a jerk or not, I could certainly care less. However, there is an issue upon us that more than ONE person has pointed out. I believe something needs to be found out and how similiar these problems are. Here is what happened to me..

    I was using my 1.2.1 happy as can be. Tweaked to the max, and pretty as the themes allowed. Everything was well. Then, 1.3.1 update noticed showed up on me. Immidiately, I ran the EPR, and loaded up QuickInstall to remove other patches/tweaks.

    I had one PATCH fail to remove itself. It was the DELETE FROM NOTIFICATION BAR patch. I tried everything, WEBOS Quick, Repair, and Preware. I was stuck with the patch. Ok, now what? Posted messages here in the forums, had replied to other forums post. No one seem to have a concrete answer, so I decided to DOCTOR it. Just before I DOCTORED it, I ran BACKUP.

    DOCTORED me new Pre (or so it felt at least), and then decided to wait for everything to sync. . . . waiting... waiting. . . sync done? but, Why is Palm only showing 20 contacts. I had four hundred from treo's ago. Centro's ago.

    So I WAITED all nite. Nothing more came, all 400 facebook contacts showed up. Most of which are in in Palms cloud. Minus their phone numbers..

    So, 1.3.1 came..

    Checked contacts.. . . . 5 now.

    I am DEFINATELY not alone. Others have had the same situation, just slightly different, weather it be the patch was different, or the order of programs, but one thing is common.... PALM's cloud doesn't have our contacts after a 1.2.1 WebOS Doctor.

    HELP. Now, normally I back my own contacts up, with me old Palm PDA, but, I've laid my trust into the cloud, and low and behold.. I got a cloud alright...... asscloud...
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    I don't have a good answer for that. My contacts are in gmail and so they show up whenevr. I have no idea about the palm profile. That being said, have you logged in to you palm profile online?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Select Service View Post
    Same here.

    How do you get them back??????

    I have several hundred contacts GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how about you use webos doctor and restore your entire phone and they it will download all your contacts back????
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    I need to appoligize to everyone in this thread... I was upset and frustrated with my Pre getting wiped and "losing" all my info... I spoke harshly and irrationally! Most all of you have been an awesome asset to me and many others and I WAS THE JERK NOT YOU! Please accept this apology from the bottom of my heart from one Pre owner to many others that I have been a Jerk to!!!

    I am Sorry!

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    your forgiven !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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