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    so i get to the store and buy my palm pre, so stoked that i have a bigger screen again because the pixi was just too tiny.

    MULTIPLE dead pixels, screen is like bleeding into the borders (light leak they call it i think), and a pretty bad oreo >.<

    honestly, if the replacement sucks too i may HAVE to get the pixi :/
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    should stuck with the other one man
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    this is unacceptable. paying $150 for a phone that had dead pixels and other hardware issues is ridiculous. now if this stuff costed like $50 it would be okay, but it doesnt...

    if i cant get a replacement that has no dead pixels i guess ill have to go back to pixi.
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    I've had to replace my pre for various reasons and have had no problem with the replacements. Give the replacement a chance. If you are within 30 days, you can replace it until you're satisfied.
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    see i would buy it via amazon but you can't just go to a store and exchange it if it has issues.
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    i've had my pre since june.. no dead pixels.. no oreo effect (probably cause i don't twist it to see if it will).. no problem.. it is a little battered because i've dropped it a couple times
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    My wife and I had pretty good luck with our Pre's, we had them since July and both have had zero problems and are on our 1st devices. She has 2 dead pixels that we didn't notice until last month, but they only are noticeable with the boot screen up. Really no complaints besides the random laggyness. Glad we went with Palm and stuck with Sprint (long time customers).
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    No oreo ( I have no idea what that is, but I dont have it, I do have some oreo with milk though....) no dead pixels, no cracks, no sound problems, nothing wrong with phone.

    I love the pre, I'm glad I got it instead of waiting for the Hero or any other phone.

    I purchased a PSP, and a DS and a lcd TV that had a dead pixel or 2, it happens sometimes, really werent a big deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshwithachance View Post
    this is unacceptable. paying $150 for a phone that had dead pixels and other hardware issues is ridiculous. now if this stuff costed like $50 it would be okay, but it doesnt...
    Maybe that why the Canadians aren't complaining as loud. It's 50 there. Unbelievable that palm is still pushing crappy built phones. The software is great but the hardware plain sucks. Let's see what problems the pixi brings. Looks like it's built a little better.
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    It isn't 50 bucks where I live. It's 100.
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    my first pre from launch was fanatstic,until the back speaker just went out 2 weeks ago.On my 3rd replacement now.1st had a white streak down the screen.2nd had like 8-9 dead pixels right in the middle,this one seems ok,but is gappy and loose.
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    okay well im having my grammy (im only 17) return the pre to best buy tomorrow so she can get her money back and cancel out so i can buy the pre on for $79 and get a waived activation fee ! (:

    now if there are issues, i can possibly stomach them better knowing i only paid $79 and not $150 but im hoping it comes in with no dead pixels <3
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    My first pre was horrible, second was perfect but the touch screen died, and this one is perfect but with like 4 dead pxs. Only one is white so I just decided to roll with it and its been good and strong ever since.

    You just gotta get one with the least amount of issues you can stand because i think its too hard to find a perfect one.

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