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  1. Pardoe's Avatar
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    who has one of the magical pre's like me that doesnt have all the problems you see people talking about
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    Im good as of now!!
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    Define problem? This question is highly subjective.

    Is my Pre representative of a current "best effort" given all the limitations/documented issues and shortcomings? Yes, I'd say it is.
  4. firstimer's Avatar
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    Do you REALLLLY want to open this all up again?
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    Mine's great. No oreo, no weird behaviour, battery life is better after the update (so far), and speed is better too. Really happy.
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    This phone like all other machines do only what u tell them to do. Occasionally they go off on their own, but what device doesn't have its share of problems. As for this particular phone it hasnt had any major problems but Ive had problems trying to manipulate its intended purpose. This is my first phone that I ever tried to "enhance" and now that I have I don't think I ever get something that I wouldnt be able to do the things I do now on my pre. I can live with the trade off on the "problems", the pre is like a factory car that your able to put all the extra goodies on it that may or may not work, void your warranty, or any other things, but what makes this day any different from the rest?
  7. jaffa's Avatar
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    You know I kept reading about oreo and didn't know what it was. I thought it was a color ring on the screen or something.

    And yes my phone is perfect. Have had it for one month and loving every bit of it. I read about people and their problems and just shake my head. I guess I don't get it (the problems that is).
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    As with everything, people who have something to complain about speak up, people who are satisfied don't (usually). So it always seems as if -everybody- is having problems with it, while that doesn't have to be the case.
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  9. Pardoe's Avatar
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    I ask this because im come on here often reading up on new things and what not and all I read about is my phone has problems doing this, now my phones doing this, and I read all these random problems and Ive never had them and I wanted to know if its just my phone not having a million problems or if other people have good phones as well
    I dont have any software problems with themes and tweaks they all go good no problems
    and hardware the phone is great no problems
    this is why I ask
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  10. bonfilio's Avatar
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    I'm inclined to think that if you've had to replace your phone more than once you're the problem.
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    mine is perfect i have a slight oreo effect but that was my own fault it came from the case i have
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    Love it! The phone is great, love the patches, thmes, etc... But then again when the next latest and greatest from Sprint comes around I usually jump out of boardum. I usually last almost 2 years in a phone before I get the urge.
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    Mine has been solid, I keep it in my "Phone pocket" that little pocket half way down your leg on blue jeans. No Oreo, No loose battery crashes, no usb door problems and I don't baby it anymore than I have with previous phones, It's been a pleasure and I've very happy. If this place and all of the Dev's didn't exist it wouldn't be as good. Thanks to all the folks that answer questions and make patches and apps.
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    Only things that have gone wrong with my Pre have been caused by my own actions. (Installing messaging plugins, messing up a file while changing stuff, etc.)
  15. MaxLOL's Avatar
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    I <3 my Pre (no homo)

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    The only problem I have is the 100% charge on touchstone repeated beeping/charging message thing... that still has to be a yes though =(
  17. ldj
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    No problems here either. I'm still on 1.1.3 and think the phone is utterly fantastic. Can you imagine how happy Ill be when 1.3.1 hits the UK? Lol
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    No problems.
  19. Cohens's Avatar
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    Only problem's I've had are the little plastic piece under the USB port broke off(not the usb cover just the little tiny piece under the actual port) and I had major problems earlier today but I can't blame for the Pre for them... My computer rebooted partway through a WebOS Doctor and the Doc wouldn't recognize it after that... it got fixed by holding the volume button down for the entire Doctoring instead of just the start of it.

    Other than that any problems I've had have been fixed by removing additional lines of code or outdated patches.
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    My software problems are due to my own tweaking using patches etc. Can't really blame Palm for that!
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