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    Ok, I've only had it 6 hours but it is still perfect.

    I'm going to try to remember these moments.
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    update post. My Pre reincarnated as someone with alzheimers who can't remember who any of their friends or family are... Basically it seems to have forgotten absolutely everything except what apps I had. All other data is gone... (note to self back everything up in google so you know it won't get lost until the microsoft wars begin).

    Welcome to the forum and to the Pre SF you'll love it (not being sarcastic) it has its hiccups typically after new updates... But overrall I'm highly satisfied with it. And its super fun to tinker with because you can always WebOS Doctor it.
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    I can't sign into yahoo IM, I had the ipk that allowed me to have it b4 the update, but since the update it won't work. I did a hard reset, no luck, & somehow WebOs Doc won't work on my phone!! Can someone give me some useful help on how to get yahoo IM back?
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    On my 4th pre...its been ok so far (about 4-6 weeks)
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    I got my Pre two weeks after the Launch. It is perfect as anybody could expect. The oreo twist is so minimal you could hardly think anything with any sort of sliding mechanism could be any tighter. The screen is great. The keyboard is great. Etc.

    Software wise it's great too, but I haven't gon hog wild with patches and stuff. Just a few that I like and have tried a couple of themes. For what I have done I've thoroughly read all instructions and advice first, and never had any problems because of that.
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    I choose NO even though I have a problem but its due to a hack and not a stock Pre.

    Before I started installing hacks and patches my Pre was stable and fine. As I type this I am downgrading then doing a full wipe then upgrading again and don't plan to use anything unofficial again.
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    No problems here. My Pre I bought in August is running great.

    /hugs his Pre
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    I had to doctor my pre once, but as others have stated it was due to my poking around in something that I probably shouldn't have been poking around in and screwed up.
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    I've had my Pre for a couple months now and not only is it tweaked, patched, and themed to hell, I haven't had to replace it, or webDR it. Does everything I need it to do.

    Amazing phone(and more!)!
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