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    After the update I reinstalled the patches that were avail..upon doing some of the email priority patch, replace forward all with move folders.. Emails would not open and after sending an email the draft would stay there and not close?? Anyone else havin these sorts of problems? I also can still not get the email in landscape to work..? I have unintalled these patches and things are working ok again! Is it just my pre or is anyone else seeing this? If it is a issue with all I'm sure it will get fixed but if its just me...when I'm not sure then..ha
  2. #2 wife had same problem and had to remove the Delete Email Notification Patch to fix her problems.

    So far things are back to normal, but my unit is not displaying JPG files in email either, so I suspect I still have problems with 1.3.1 update or patch combination.
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    had that same prob...except that i was able to install email in landscape..but cant install priority patch...guess its a trade or other...installed landscape patch first cuz it more important to me...but didnt install 6 of the patchesriority...delete from notif...sync times...replies blk font...javascript error...swap reply for move.....kinda thinkin one of them causes that problem..

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