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    alright so i've basically had my pre since launch, and since then i've become aware of some major flaws which seem like they would be relatively easy to fix.
    1. The brightness can only be turned down so far, and is still incredibly bright (further wasting my limited battery).
    2. Theres no video function. Honestly? How long would it take palm to add video? I saw a forum member did it recently.
    3. All of the apps suck... a lot. Its been like 3 months and there still hasnt been a decent game.
    4. Why is it my first gen ipod touch is faster, and has smoother browsing and control? Its not even on the latest firmware since its jailbroken (2.1) but really? I just dont want my phone to take 5 seconds to open the stupid text app.
    5. Theres absolutely no way to customize your set up, asides from the 4 apps you get to put on the dinky little bar, the next best thing is organizing which of your like 20 apps (on the same page cuse you cant move them..) you would like to have on top. I would love to have buttons sitting in the background, i dont want to have to open the menu everytime i want to get to something thats not on my hotbar.

    Am i missing several obvious things? I really hope so, otherwise i've lost a lot of faith in palm.
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    Can't speak to any of the other issues... but you can move app icons onto different launcher pages.

    I have my most used on the first page, the second page is devoted to games and "fun" stuff, and the last page is all system tools and the stuff I don't use like the Sprint apps.

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