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    Before 3.1 i was having pretty good battery life getting about a day on each charge. Once I updated to 3.1(doing the exact same thing every day) I have only been able to get about 5 hours on a charge. This is a big problem. Any suggestions? I do have homebrews but I have not downloaded anything new. Ugh! Help!
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    Did you uninstall all patches/themes from the phone before you updated?

    If not, then you will have to deal with it until the Patch Removal Tool is updated to 1.3.1, or Dr. your Phone.

    And I personally have had improved battery life in 1.3.1.
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    I charge my phone on a stone every night and i have not had a problem. Not sure what to tell you. Im on my phone all day long too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Did you uninstall all patches/themes from the phone before you updated?
    Yes I did uninstall all patches and themes.
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    Then it could be an app which has a leak of some-sort. You can try restarting and not opening anything homebrew and see if that helps. Otherwise if you've installed any new patches since the preware update there could be a problem with one of them.
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    The only patch I installed after the update is the fair dinkim app limit patch
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    I, along with everyone I personally know who has a Pre, has been experiencing the same thing regarding faster battery drain.

    I've also been seeing a lot of posts here on the forum where people have complained that their batteries are draining power faster since the WebOS update.
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    sorry to bump this but i really need some advice.
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    Are you in a situation where you can charge your phone at work? I work in an office with a PC and I just plug and charge it up via the USB port, especially if I do a lot of e-mail or other Internet activities on the PrPrPr&#$275$;.
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    This is the sort of thing that must be a nightmare for Palm (and I recognize that it's a frustration for us, as well): my battery has definitely improved since 1.3.1. Whereas beforehand I always needed to start charging at around 2:00pm during the workday (I'm fairly consistent in my use), I can now make it home before needing to charge. That's roughly four hours of additional battery life.

    My Pre had a few patches applied prior to 1.3.1, but they were removed before the update and haven't been reapplied since.
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    I've also had the same problem. Not only does my battery drain faster, but my phone seems really slugish now. I don't have any patches on my phone. I did however install a theme on my phone. I installed it after I updated my phone though.

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