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    I have a gmail account on my Pre and am unable to read the messages. It says "Download of the message body failed. The system will retry soon". Any idea why I can see the titles of the emails but can't read the contents?
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    Try a reboot
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    Did that many times. The gmail account I can't access is one that receives mail forwarded from my college's server. Is the server doing something funky to the email?
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    My wife's Pre ran into problems checking Gmail this afternoon and we Uninstalled select Patch installed previously via Preware relating to email.

    May have been just bad timing since her problem finally went away after Ininstall and multiple reboot.

    Pleas note, the only patch relating to email was the Delete message from the notification bar. Not sure why it effected her Gmail and not mine, but it fixed her problem.
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    My Pre currently has no patches installed, it's a stock OS
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    i can not open any emails at all from three diff. accounts
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Brand new pre just got back from the Sprint store 3 hours later 12 excuses later they cant add email to my phone ( moms pre)

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