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    Apparently as part of the upgrade, 1.3.1 only now handles png images whereas before both jpg and png images were handled . This really sux. I guess you now have to download jpgs to your computer and manually add them to your image folders....much more work. Hopefully if we scream loud enough, they'll give us the jpg handler back. I hope!!!!
    Incorrect, jpg images are still handled by the Pre if you email them to yourself from your desktop. If you're using the email links in the wallpaper forums, that does not currently work in 1.3.1 but you can still see the downloaded image at the very end of the email and you can copy it to your photos (pointed out by forum member NetMest). You just can't click on the image bar to view it. This is where you will get the handler error.
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    Just to add, this problem also relates to links that send you to facebook pics. When I click a link "John Smith has tagged you in a photo...." it pops up a new window and looks like it wants to download (bottom scroll bar), but then when tapping, it indicates 'No handler for (file path). I do recall that 1.3.1 updates indicated changes in what could be handled and something about pngs, so maybe that was a security thing Palm needed to work on.
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    this is still a problem in 1.3.5...ugh
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    I have no patches. No Homebrew. No mods of any kind. I can confirm that jpgs stopped working with November's stinking update. That update wrecked so many functions that I just carry the pre around as a video viewer.

    Since the pre is useless for pdf's, jpg's, calendar, memos, tasks, searches, detailed contact info, splash, and there's no undo function, I was kinda hoping I could at least use it for the internet. That idea was dead as soon as I tried to copy text from a web page.

    All I can really do now is use my old treos for these functions and hope that perhaps they'll launch a functional pre device at CES. Otherwise, I'm totally done with palm.
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    I'm having this problem on my Pre Plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzld View Post
    I'm having this problem on my Pre Plus.
    What exact problem are you having? specifically...
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