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    Hey guys,
    (Sorry, but Im not very tech friendly)

    Okay, here is my issue, Im going over seas for about 3 weeks and i want to use my sexy pre while I am there.
    My phone doesn't have a sim card slot, so i can't use the local sim card.

    What else can i do?

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    buy a gsm pre while your over there. That's about it if you want to use a pre
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I know Sprint works in Japan, but you need to let them know that you are going to travel there. I'm not sure if the Pre has international functionality, but if you are going here then you should give customer service a call.

    Otherwise if you are going to a GSM area, you'll need to buy a phone from that local.

    Too bad there isn't a company that rents phones.
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    too bad sprint is one of the last companies not using the internation gsm standard
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    you for sure need to get yourself a different phone for the time being in europe you can use a blackberry tour in europe because it has a simcard you only need to call sprint internatinal services. but your pre will for sure not work over seas maybe like the one person says in japan but in europe i wont. sorry i travel all the time over seas. no chance in making it work.
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    Still can use the Wifi part to pull e-mail, but as a phone, not a chance.
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    Get a GSM Pre.
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