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    So yea, I know, this is info I got from chatting with a Palm tech support guy, but, again, my only defense is that he seemed to know what he was talking about....anyhow, here it goes....

    He started out by saying that when the Pre was designed, that they wanted to give as much space as possible to the user for their music, videos, stuff like that, which is how we ended up with 7.2 GB of space. He continued on by saying that 512 MB are allocated for updates. Great. What's left is a measly 256 MB for Apps. And, according to him, it's supposed to stay like that!!!

    Do what??? It better not! I asked him if the developers know about this, and he said that yes, they where aware of it. And devs, please chime in!

    The reasoning behind it was that since it is so easy to install and uninstall apps, that there is no reason that a user would need more than 256 MB of App space.

    That is the most ******** thing I hears all day. I am not sure how much he really knows, because just to test his knowledge a bit further, I asked when we will get to use the LED of the center button as a notification light. He said that it can't be done, and that part of the reason for that might be that supposedly Sprints notification system did not work with Palm OS devices? Any Treo Owners wanna chime in on that one? And yes I did mention to him that the notification via LED thing is already in webos, and that a patch enables it, and that it works, but he had nothing to say about that.

    Interesting conversation, but as usual with talks with Sprint or Palm techs, gotta take everything with a truck load of salt!

    If you ask me, at the first developer meeting, if they would have announced that the Pre will have only 256 MB of app space, and that a lot of that is taken up by the Sprint Apps, don't you think the Devs would have finished the free breakfast they were probably served and would have made a run for the door?

    Time will tell. I am so upset about this convo, I just had to share!
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    Well that would not surprise me, Bill Gates supposedly once said "640K is more memory than anyone will ever need.

    And look how long it took MS to get out from under that design blunder.
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    I do hope they fix the app limit sooner rather then later. There is a workaround but it is not as simple as applying a patch which will turn many people away.
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    Can't be right... I have single apps on my 3GS that are bigger than that limit.
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    Come now, of course they acknowledge it as an issue. My bet is that we'll see a fix before the app catalog comes out of beta next month. I believe Chuq is even quoted as saying that they knew about the issue, but it wasn't high on their priority list because they didn't expect the influx of developers or the rapid growth of the community surrounding the phone.
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    A big part of the problem is also email. If you store over a week of email, it will likely eat up a lot of space. I'm really surprised email and attachments are not stored on the media drive.

    I could understand Palm's position if non-homebrew users are not seeing the app limit, but they are now, and part of the reason is because of email usage clogging up the app storage space.

    Palm could more easily address the email/attachment part, but addressing apps will take a more significant architectural change. I'm guessing they won't address this until coming out with a 'power user' device. Pre and Pixi may become 'intro' devices and some future device could be for 'high end' users with much more app space, or they share app/email space with media space.

    Power users will need to use 'mvapp' with PreWare in the meantime.

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